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#74.  That's Jeff Probst!!!
Fans vs. Favorites - episode 12

A few years ago, there was an oddly memorable contestant on Apprentice 3 named Tana Goertz.

Tana (left) - snorting as she laughs

What made Tana so particularly memorable to me was, despite the fact that she was good at the Apprentice, despite the fact that she almost won the show and almost took over a wing of the Trump empire, deep down she was really just kind of a big dork.  She wasn't cool and calm and polished like pretty much every other player who has been successful in Apprentice history.  No, with Tana you had a woman who snorted when she laughed.  You had a woman who made bizarre and inappropriate comments that most people wouldn't even dream of making in mixed company.  You had a woman who thought The BeDazzler was the key to turning K-Mart clothes into high class Manhattan fashion.

Tana tried to win the Apprentice by using The BeDazzler

Why do I bring up Tana in a countdown about Survivor?

Well because when people talked about Tana during Apprentice 3, they started using a unique word to describe her.  This was a word I had never heard before the spring of 2005.   And it surprised me, because I am usually up to date with all the latest and greatest slang.  Yet with Tana, people kind of invented (or at least popularized) a word to describe her, and it just seemed to fit.

The word?

Well since Tana was a dork, but was kind of adorable in her snorting BeDazzling dorky way, the word that just seemed to fit her was "adorkable."  

It is a word I still use to describe people to this day.


Oh, and do you know who else is kind of adorkable?

I'll give you a hint.

He's an ice cream scooper.


Now don't get me wrong.  There is nothing wrong in life with being a dork.  I mean, I'm a dork.  Half the people I know are dorks.  If you don't believe me, you should see all the Dungeons & Dragons games I created when I was a kid.  I wasn't just your average 12 year old dork when I was in middle school, I was a 12 year old dork who knew what a THAC0 was.  That is some pretty hardcore "doesn't get out of the house much" dorkitude.

So anyway, just keep that in mind when I write an entry like this.  I am not condemning a person for being a dork.  I happen to be a pretty huge dork myself.

All I am doing is pointing out, hey, I bet Erik is a lot like me.  And it's kind of cute how dorky he is.  Which, vis a vis, by definition... sort of makes him adorkable.


And what, you might ask, was Erik's most beautifully adorkable moment in Fans vs. Favorites?

Well I'm glad you asked.  Because it is the #74 entry on the Funny 115.

It's episode 12 of Fans vs. Favorites, and the Dabu Tribe is competing in a reward challenge

Wanna know what you're playing for?

Come on out, loved ones!

That's right, it is the Survivor loved ones challenge.  Here comes Parvati's mom!

Parvati hugs her mom.  How sweet.

And the next loved one?  "Erik, here's your brother Kurt!"



Kurt comes out to hug his adorkable brother

It's a touching moment.  Alexis and Natalie fight back tears.

Even Amanda fights tears

Erik's first words to his brother?  "I got a beard!  I got a beard!"

(giddily) "Look at this!!!!!"


And that's when Erik does something that is so off the charts dorky and geeky that it warms my very own dorky little heart.  As a giant Survivor nerd fan myself, this is the moment that will forever endear him to me as being... adorkable.

It suddenly strikes Erik exactly where he is, and exactly what he is doing right now.

And as the world's biggest hardcore Survivor fan, there is only thing he can do.

He totally geeks out.

(excitedly, high pitched) "Look Kurt.  That's Jeff Probst!  THAT'S JEFF PROBST!!!"

Whoomp, there he is

 "He's just standing there!!!!!"

Jeff busts up

"Erik, you're a freak."

So there you go.  It's not like the biggest laugh out loud moment in Survivor history, it's not one that is going to make you shoot Pepsi out of your nose or anything, and it sure isn't a stupid 4-year-old poop joke like my friend Dictatorship is always begging me to include.  But if you are looking for a scene that is cute, funny, memorable, and... well, I guess I'll just say it, adorkable... you could do a lot worse than Erik geeking out when he suddenly realizes he is ten feet away from his childhood hero.

I guess I will have to say it one last time.  Erik Reichenbach is a huge hardcore Survivor nerd.  In real life, I'm guessing he is a lot like me.  

And there's no doubt about it that the guy was adorkable.


P.S.  Want even more evidence of Erik being adorkable?  Here's a great email I got from a reader named Denis Eymann:  "I know this is a small moment from FvF, but will you be bringing up how Erik picked the name of the Dabu tribe?  I got a good chuckle out of that.  I got an even bigger chuckle when I asked him about the source of the name, because I knew the word 'dabu' is from Warcraft (before WoW).   I asked Erik about it, and he confirmed that Warcraft is where the name came from.  He and his friends back home use 'dabu' in place of stupid."

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