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#76.   I mean... my ASS!!
Fans vs. Favorites - episode 5

There are a lot of funny running subplots in Survivor history, but for my money one of the funniest and most underrated ones is the running rivalry between Jonathan Penner and Jeff Probst.

There will be blood

What I love the most about the Penner-Probst rivalry is the fact that it's so unique.  At no other point in Survivor history have we ever had a player who is constantly trying to bitch out the rules of the game and the host.  Nope.  Nearly every other Survivor in twenty seasons will just go along with the rules and do whatever Probst or the producers tell them to do.  Even if things aren't necessarily going their way.

But Jonathan Penner?

Nope.  Jonathan Penner isn't like that at all.  

When Jonathan Penner is upset with something, he is going to bitch about it.  And he is particularly going to bitch about it to Jeff Probst.  And he is going to be very LOUD about it.  Which can lead to some incredibly funny scenes, like the one that comes it at #76 on the Funny 115.

It's episode five of Fans vs. Favorites, and Jeff Probst explains the rules of the challenge

Each tribe has four ceramic tiles they have to smash with rocks.  First tribe to smash all four of their tiles, collect the puzzle pieces that drop underneath, and then solve a puzzle, wins immunity.

Penner already hates this challenge

Survivors, ready and... go!

Ozzy smashes the first tile for Malakal!

Tracy smashes the second tile for Malakal!

Jonathan smashes the first time for Airai.  Now Airai is on the board.

So far things are looking good.  But... uh oh.  

Because that's when the wheels start to come off for Penner and the Airais.

James hits a tile for Airai, but he doesn't hit it good enough.  Instead of smashing all the way through, now he is left with a dangler.

"James smashes a tile, but not enough!"

And, yep.   Here it comes.   Now Penner gets annoyed and starts going into Penner mode.

"Awww that SUCKS.  Come on!"

"You have to obliterate that tile to get the rope to drop!"

Alexis hits another tile for Airai, only she hits it too softly just like James.  This time the rock just bounces harmlessly off.

James hits another tile for Airai, and just like before, he doesn't hit it hard enough.  It just becomes another dangler like the first one.

Eliza reacts in horror

So does Chad

"James breaks another tile, but it does not drop!"

And now the shit officially starts to hit the fan.

Malakal finally breaks their fourth and final tile, and they start reeling in their puzzle pieces

Penner's reaction on the other side?

"Bulllll!  We say bull!  Bulllll!   Bulllll!!!!"

Probst should know better, since Jonathan does this at pretty much every challenge.  But for some reason this time he can't resist.

"Penner... you got the same tiles, the same ropes."

And now comes the best part.

Out of spite more than anything, Penner walks up and tries to break the third Airai tile.

His hits the tile, but his rock bounces harmlessly off

The classic reaction shot

Frustrated, he turns away.  And then (as James is cracking up at his frustration) Penner yells out, loud enough for people back in the Ponderosa to hear...

"I mean... MY ASS!!!!!"

Parvati starts laughing, she can't believe it

James is dying

Again, Jeff should probably know better, but he can't resist.  After fifty-two challenge protests in a row, Jonathan is officially getting under his skin now.

"Airai, you need to stop bitching and start throwing."

Penner retorts:  "Just hitting them as hard as we can, Jeff."

I love this challenge.  In fact I love just about every single moment of the Probst-Penner rivalry.  Pretty much every single time the two of them appear in a scene together, either Penner will be yelling at Probst, or vice versa.  It's unbelievable.  Every time you turn around, it seems like one of them is getting bitched out by the other one.

In fact-- spoiler alert-- this isn't even the best Penner-Probst rivalry moment on the Funny 115.  There is another one from Cook Islands that I like even more, and we will be talking about much later.

However, if you have ever wanted to see a grown man scream "My ASS!!!!", and if you have ever wanted proof (outside the bathroom) why danglers are horrible and annoying, all you have to do is watch the immunity challenge in episode five of Survivor: Fans vs Favorites.

Now say it with me one last time, Mr. Penner:

"I mean..."

"My ASS!!!!!!"

P.S.  Oh yeah, and the best thing about this challenge?

Airai comes back to win.


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