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#79.   Don't Mess with The Yau-Man
Fiji - episode 7

Okay now this is a quickie little funny moment from Fiji.

And unlike the Erik moment, which I'm pretty sure most of you remember, this Yau-Man moment is one that I'm pretty sure most people reading this countdown -don't- remember.  For whatever reason, something like 90% of Survivor fans seem to have blocked all memories of Fiji out of their minds.  

Well let me just tell you right now to knock that crap off.  Fiji might not be the best season in Survivor history, but it sure does have some funny little moments in it.

Exhbit A:  Mookie learns pretty quickly that you don't make fun of The Yau-Man.


Yau-Man Chan - pimp

It's the episode seven reward challenge, and the Motos and the Ravus are squaring off in a game of Survivor Fireball.  

The game is very simple.  Basically you take a flaming bamboo ball, and you try to fling it into a target.

The first tribe to hit three of their targets and make them burst into flames like this, wins reward


Now, on paper, this challenge really shouldn't be much of a contest.  After all, one of the tribes is pretty much stacked with all the big strong athletic males left in the game, like Rocky and Alex and Mookie (Ravu), and the other tribe is made up of the weaklings like Yau-Man and the girls (Moto).  

On paper, this challenge pretty much looks like a blowout.

The big bad badass Ravus, led by Rocky.  Kick a little ass much?

The slightly less badass Motos.  Who hope to win extra credit in the written portion of this challenge.


So anyway, the challenge starts.  

And right off the bat, the big bad Ravus take the first point.

Dreamz connects!  1-0 for the powerhouse!

Get 'em a bodybag!!   Yeahhhhhhh!!!

After a fruitless second round, where Lisi and Michelle both miss their shots, we come to the third shooters of the competition, Edgardo and Yau-Man.

And now comes the #79 moment on the Funny 115...

Shooting third for the Motos... standing in at five foot one... weighing in and one hundred and three pounds, soaking wet... the one... the only... Yau!  Man!  Chan!

And the crowd goes wild!

Or not.  Boo sighs.  Earl winces.

Yau-Man gets up to the platform and starts practicing his technique.  Despite the fact that the ball flinger is actually heavier than he is.

And now comes the best part.  The Ravus see Yau-Man practicing up there and they start cracking up.  Mookie just starts losing it altogether.

Mookie starts imitating Yau-Man

Total mockery

Yau-Man stands ready to shoot

Mookie is still laughing about this

And of course, you know what happens next.

This wouldn't be on the Funny 115 if anything else had happened.

Edgardo shoots for the big bad Ravus and misses

No soup for you!

And as for Yau Man?

Well even though he only weighs a hundred and three pounds...

... people forget that he's a science teacher and that he holds a degree in physics.

He uses his mastery of physics to hit the shot, tie up the game, and go all Ezekiel 25:17 over the big bad cocky-ass Ravus.

His Moto teammates react in amazement first... and then delight.

And now comes the awesome part...

Yau does a cocky little endzone dance back to his teammates, like he just scored a touchdown in the Super Bowl.

Meanwhile, the humbled Ravus can only look over at Yau-Man in disbelief.


Ha ha.  Great moment.  Cracks me up every single time I see it.

In fact, you know, my writeup is probably adequate and all, but if you really want to get into the spirit of the "Don't mess with the Yau-Man" moment, if you really want to see how funny it is, just check out this animated gif file that Salarakas created for me.  This sums up everything I just said in my writeup in about five seconds:

Hubris fail

So anyway, thank you, Yau-Man Chan.  And thank you, the UC-Berkeley science department.  And thank you, the gods of unintentional comedy.   For combining to take a big old mega bitchslap across the face of Mookie on the Funny 115.

A badass M.F.

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