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#82.  Erik's Little Tantrum
Samoa - episode 4

Speaking of people behaving like children...

In episode four of Survivor: Samoa, there is a great scene where Shambo goes over to tend the chickens, and in the five minutes she spends sitting down and talking to them, she somehow manages to lose one of them.  

And in the panic and the chase to hunt down and catch the rogue chicken, funny things happen.




Now I know what you're thinking.  You're probably reading this and thinking, "Yeah yeah, I know.  Erik chases after the chicken and during the chase, he somehow manages to clothesline himself with the clothesline.  And then Dave Ball makes a funny comment about it.   Great moment, but shouldn't it be a lot higher than this on the countdown?"

Well never fear.  Because no this isn't the Erik clothesline moment.  And yes that entry will be a lot higher than this one.  We'll talk more about that particular entry when we get to it.

What this moment -does- feature is four of my very favorite things from Samoa, all in one clip.  It features the all powerful combination of A) Shambo doing something stupid, B) Erik "I'm really really funny and underrated" Cardona, C) A chicken, and D) A tantrum.

Are you ready for this one?  It's a very quick visual moment, but I promise it will be worth it.

It's episode four, and Shambo is attending to all the chickens' psychological and biological needs.  It looks like it is time for counseling hour.

Erik looks on longingly.  He would really really like to eat some chicken right now.

Uh oh.  Shambo has done something dumb.  We have a chicken loose.  I repeat, WE HAVE A CHICKEN LOOSE!  A CHICKEN HAS GONE ROGUE!

"I think Laura did it!"

"Ha ha!  Eat me, motherfucker."

Erik comes rushing to catch the chicken

But it doesn't work.  The chicken gets away.


Erik looks on in disbelief.  No more chicken?   Fucking Shambeaux.

And now we come to one of the best visual moments of Survivor: Samoa.

Erik is pissed.   Erik is frustrated.  Erik is angry at Shambo.  And Erik is hungry.

And what is the best form his anger can take at this particular moment?

Yep, you got it.  It is time for a temper tantrum.

Erik winds up...

And he hits...

And he kicks.


Laura has to come over and attend to him

I know the pictures don't really do it justice, so here is Erik's ridiculous little four year old temper tantrum in full animated gif form.  Here is where he inadvertently channels Will Ferrell and just starts randomly kicking and punching.  Now you will look forward to it every single time you watch Samoa.  And you're welcome.

What's the matter, Mister Poopy Pants?

So anyway, there you go.   The best Shambo-Erik-Chicken-Freedom entry that doesn't involve a clothesline.  And one of the best random tantrums in Survivor history, period.   In fact, I would dare say that you could call Erik Cardona's whiny violent poopy pants tantrum practically Penneresque.  

Wouldn't you agree, Jonathan?  Was this tantrum as awesome as one of yours?

Apparently not

P.S.  Here's a great quote from Kitty Pryde1 at Survivor Sucks:

You know what I always liked about that scene?  Erik is randomly wearing a black jacket all fastened up to his neck, so it looks like he's a priest going to give the chickens their last confession.

Bless you my child.  Say ten Hail Marys, ten Our Fathers, and be sure to eat enough gravel to digest your dinner. Amen.

P.P.S.  Oh yeah this entry also reminds me of my all time favorite motivational poster.

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