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#91. Shambo's Dream
Samoa - episodes 12 and 13

When it comes to most of the big over the top characters in Survivor history, if you're like me, you spend half the season thinking, "You know, there's a chance that this person is actually nuts.  You know, like actually certifiably crazy.  There's a chance that's what we could actually be looking at here."

With Shambo in Samoa though, it's not like that.  With her, it is sort of the other way around.

Actual crazy person

I swear, most of the time during Samoa I wasn't sitting there wondering if there was a chance that Shambo was nuts.  With her, I was wondering if there was a chance she actually wasn't nuts.  Because I assumed that she was.  So I spent all season looking for evidence in the other direction.  I spent all season looking for some small bit of evidence that she actually was playing with a full deck -- that maybe the editors just made up this complete train wreck of a player, and that everything we were seeing was editing.

Sadly, I never found it.  There was no evidence.  At no point during Samoa was I convinced that we were looking at anything other than an actual crazy person.

Although for the highlight of the "Shambo is insane" Experience, you have to go to her dream storyline in episodes 12 and 13.

Shambo relaying the conversation she had with poultry

At the beginning of episode 12, Shambo talks to the chickens.  Which, we are meant to understand, is something she does pretty much on a daily basis around camp.  

Wistful chicken memories

Afterwards, she summarizes the conversation for us.  Including the chicken side of the conversation.  Which, probably not surprisingly, sounds a lot like "Buk buk buk, bkuuuuuuck."


Then comes the fun part.  Now Shambo goes back to camp, and she gets in a fight with Dave Ball (always Dave Ball, never Dave, remember that) about soup.  Which, for those of you who are history buffs, you might remember is also how World War I started.

The soup fight

The soup

After Soupgate us over, Shambo falls asleep and she has a very vivid dream.  

And in one of the trippiest, weirdest, most film school-y sequences ever shown on Survivor, we get a peek inside the twisted mind of Shambo.  

The beginning of Shambo's dream

Inside her mind, we see random quick-shot images of Dave Ball, chickens, crabs, Shambo, Topanga from Boy Meets World, and the forest.  It's creepy.  In fact, it sort of looks like the scene in Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory where they take the boat through the tunnel and everyone gets nightmares.

Nightmare image #1 - the chicken

Nightmare image #2 - the crab

Nightmare image #3 - Shambo herself

Nightmare image #4 - Topanga

Nightmare image #5 - Another chicken

With that little bit of psychadelia over, Shambo wakes up from her dream and she announces to us that God has now spoken to her.  He has come to her in a dream, and He has told her that Dave Ball is going to be voted out of the tribe tonight.  

And, well, since God can do no wrong in Survivor*, and since Shambo is a fucking lunatic, that means the pieces have now officially fallen into place.  Dave Ball is going to be the target for the vote tonight.

* Survivor trivia:  God defeated Amanda Kimmel 5-2 at the end of Survivor: Jerusalem.

Shannon informs us that God is now running the game

Seriously, I could watch the Shambo dream sequence a hundred times (including the soup fight and her speech after it) and I will never get tired of it.  What a weird, trippy, completely un-Survivorlike scene.  It's like the editors let their little brother in film school run the editing machine for a day.  I have never seen another scene in Survivor history even remotely like it.  Especially because you can tell the editors thought she was 100% completely nuts.

Oh yeah, and then of course we get the great scene afterwards of Shambo announcing God's plan for Tribal Council to her alliance mates, and Russell laughing at it.

Shambo informs Russell that God is about to drop the hammer on Dave Ball

"Shambo had a dream that they voted off Dave.  I said, 'That's a sign Shambo.  That's a sign!  That's that God talking to you.'"

No words.  Just laughter.

 "So she has her dreams, who she's votin' off, and then... that's who it has to be."

With God on board with the vote, and Russell and company now along for the vote, it seems to Shambo like she can just sit back and relax the rest of the night.  After all, they have essentially just piggy backed off of her free vote like it's an even stupider version of the Alphabet Strategy.  

So that's exactly what she does.  Shambo relaxes the rest of the night.

Meanwhile, without her knowledge-- or, presumably, God's knowledge-- Russell switches the vote to John.

Russell and Mick switch the vote to John

And now comes the best part of the scene.  The Aiga tribe goes to Tribal Council, and Shambo is completely blindsided (and I mean completely blindsided - to the point where the jury starts laughing at her) when John winds up going home instead of Dave Ball.  

In fact, at one point even Jeff Probst is shocked by how out of step she is with the game.

Bye John

Shambo is shocked

The jury laughs at her

Jeff can't believe how dense she is

So episode 12 ends.  God was wrong, Dave Ball didn't go home.  Perhaps God needs to read the spoilers more closely next time.

But, you know, that logic doesn't matter when you are dealing with a crazy person.

Still crazy

What I love about Shambo is the fact that-- yep-- she's tenacious enough to still be following the dream strategy in episode 13!   Yep, God might have been wrong last night, but he's sure as heck not going to be wrong tonight.  Because she is still following the "I dreamed that Dave is going to be voted out so that's how I am voting" strategy train the following episode.

Hooray for tenacious insanity!

At the end of episode 13, Dave Ball is finally voted out.  Probably not because God said so, but because Russell had numbers and Dave Ball was a Galu.  

But hey, you never know.  

Maybe God was indeed calling the shots in Samoa.  Maybe that's why Natalie the Prayer Warrior won, and Russell lost.  Maybe that's why Brett got the single most rushed and ridiculous edit in Survivor history, when the editors randomly started inserting him into the season in episode twelve.

For now, all you have to know about Samoa is that God called the shots, God is no fan of Dave Ball, and that Shambo is crazy.

Owned by God

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