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#94.  Danielle the Motivational Speaker
Exile Island - finale

A few days ago I posted an entry at about 3 in the morning called "Dave Ball says WTF?"  

When I went to the Survivor Sucks Funny 115 discussion board the next morning to see what people were saying about it, it warmed my heart to see that the people there had already come up with a phrase to describe entries like this on the Funny 115.  They were already calling the Dave Ball entry (and entries like it) "A WTF face entry."

Which is perfect, because #94 is another classic example of a WTF face entry.

Danielle and Aras

It's the Exile Island final Tribal Council, and Danielle and Aras are pleading their case in front of the jury.  They are trying to convince seven people why they should be crowned the Sole Survivor, and why they should be handed a check for a million dollars.

In the jury, Shane looks on attentively

More Shane

More Shane

Even more

What I love about having Shane on the jury is that-- aside from Bill S. Preston, esq. and Ted "Theodore" Logan-- he pretty much has the worst poker face in the history of mankind.  Any time an emotion comes into the guy's head, you can see it on the face.

Which makes this scene particularly fun to watch, because he clearly thinks that Danielle and Aras are both idiots.

Shane reacts

Shane condescends

Shane does... something

Shane is slack jawed

Shane is surprised

But the best Shane face of them all, the one that will officially go down as "the Shane WTF face" comes during Bruce's question to Danielle and Aras.  This is the one I can't watch without cracking up.  I laugh every single time I see it.

Bruce comes up and he asks a very deep question.  He asks, "Beyond winning the million dollars, if you win, what are you going to do with that responsibility?"

Danielle's answer?  She wants to give motivational speeches.

"I would love to just share my experiences.  Maybe just give speeches to younger children, and let them know, "You can do anything you put your mind to."

And now we officially get the Shane WTF face.

Shane hears that Danielle wants to mold the minds of young people.  That she wants to be a mentor to legions of young children.

He realizes what this means to those poor kids.


Ha ha ha.  I love the random Shane WTF face.

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