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#107. Coachtus Interruptus
South Pacific - episode 14

This is just a quick little scene from episode fourteen of South Pacific, but it is so perfect in the way it plays out that it always makes me smile.  So I figured it should get its own entry.

This one stars the puppy dog of South Pacific himself: Brandon Hantz

Okay, so we're down to five Upolus left in the game, and basically the storyline at this point is "how is Brandon going to screw up this game?"  Honestly, that's the entire storyline of South Pacific at this point.  Ozzy is over at Redemption Island, Coach is busy being BFFs with God, and the Upolu four are trying their best to dance around the fact that Brandon has good intentions, but he is a loose cannon.  They can't control him.  The kid has a heart of gold, but sooner or later he is going to do something stupid and he is going to screw it all up.  They can all just feel it.

Bad, Brandon!  Sit, Brandon!  Bad!

Okay, so we're down to the last five Upolus, and Coach is sitting there in a hammock doing what he does best.

He is pontificating about something that is probably just an allegory for how much he can bench press.

"And anyway, that's how I came up for the idea for Uber."

Just kidding.  Here's how it went.

Coach is pontificating to Albert about who they need to fear in the upcoming jury vote

Albert agrees that maybe Brandon might be a threat.  The kid is a disaster but everyone seems to like him.  That's a bad combo.

In the middle of Albert's sentence, Brandon comes up from behind him and he interrupts everything

Hey guys, what's up?


Albert:  "Um, we're just talking about jury threats, and stuff like that."

Albert tries to quickly hide the fact that they were talking about Brandon

Coach sighs.  This is why it is annoying to have the puppy dog around.  Hantz Junior is always underfoot.

Coach asks how Brandon is doing

"I'm a little bit nervous, what's the conversation?"

Coach kind of snaps at him

"Don't be a bully.  Don't interrupt us."

Brandon has a sad

Grownups were talking.  Go play with your toys.

Coach gives Brandon a horrible guilt trip

Brandon, naturally, has a hashtag Survivor Breakdown over this.

My God, what have I done?

This is worse than that time Mikayla set fire to my trailer while wearing that thong

Coach feels bad that he made Brandon cry

As always, Coach makes up for Brandon's sad by hugging it out

Sophie wasn't actually there in this scene, but since she has probably seen this exact same interaction a hundred times before, this is how she would probably react

Okay, and now we get to the fun part.

Right after Brandon's little interruption breakdown, Coach sits down to go on a rant about it

"Brandon really pissed me off."

"You know, all of a sudden Brandon comes bullying up to us and is like "What are you guys talking about?""

"First of all, it's rude to interrupt somebody's conversation."

"Number two, bullying people is not gonna help you at this point."

"In fact it's gonna seal your fate."

Coach is so angry that Brandon keeps nosing his way into things and interrupting, that he goes down to the beach so he can have A Stoic Coach Moment (tm).  

"The apple never falls far from the tree."

"And meeting [Brandon's] father was double confirmation..."

Here Coach pauses, so he can milk the moment for perfect dramatic effect.

And sure enough, right in the middle of a rant about how Brandon always interrupts everyone...

Here comes Brandon

To interrupt him


South Pacific has a lot of cute little character moments towards the end of the season, this is one of my favorites.

Oh my little Chester the Molester, why can't I quit you?

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