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#63. Tony Makes a Big Move(ment)
Cagayan - episode 8

It's the eighth episode of Survivor: Cagayan.  And the past few days have been stressful for our friend, the hyperactive spaz ball Tony.

And from that day on, if I was going somewhere, I WAS RUNNING!

Three days ago, everyone in the game got caught up in the craziness of Sarah and Kass and the Sarah Sandwich.  Which culminated in Tony and L.J. having to play idols at Tribal Council just to stay out of the crossfire.

Tony plays an idol

Tony avoids the vote

Tony is relieved

Tony dodged a bullet that night.  And everything was good.

But things were LESS good three nights later, at the end of episode seven.  

This time around, Tony's friends attempted to flip the vote around and catch him off guard and blindside him.  

And it almost worked.  He wound up with four votes.

Aw, crap

Tony probably should have gone home at the end of the episode.  But as luck would have it, he was spared because Morgan was so completely useless around camp that nobody wanted to deal with her anymore.  So Morgan was voted out instead, and Tony narrowly escaped his closest assassination attempt.

Somebody wake Morgan up.  We just voted her out.

Yeah but Kass's vote shouldn't count.  She's forty and gross.

Tony knows he got lucky tonight and dodged a bullet

So anyway, this is where Tony stands right after the end of the seventh episode.  His friends tried to catch him off guard and blindside him.  His name came up four times at Tribal Council, and he wasn't expecting that.

And so the players march back to camp right after Tribal to talk about the vote.

And this is the very first scene of episode eight.

This is where Tony explodes.

Tony rails on the other members of Solarrion for trying to blindside him tonight

Are you kidding?  I do everything around here.  And you want to get rid of me?

You voted for me.  And you voted for me.  And you voted for me.

"Two times in a row you wanted to get me out."

"The one that busts his ass all the time."

Spencer and Tasha and the rest of them try to defend themselves, but it is clear Tony is all worked up because the vote caught him off guard.  He really didn't expect that he was going to get votes tonight.

Tasha attempts to defend herself

Spencer has to just stand there and take the heat

"Fine, if it was a compliment to vote me out, then I'll take the compliment."

And it is in the middle of this heated exchange between Tony and the Solarrions...

"I guess this is supposed to be a compliment."

That the editors slip in one of the funniest little editing jokes of Survivor: Cagayan.

I sure hope you guys caught this when they slipped it into the episode.  If you didn't catch it before, get ready to laugh.  

This is why I always say that the Survivor editors are so awesome.

So right in the middle of this rant, we cut away to Tony in a confessional

Where he explains the emotions that were going through his head when he saw his name come up four times at Tribal Council

Naturally, because we're talking about Tony, you know he is going to say something profound, mature, and elegant.

"When Jeff turned over that card, and it said Tony."

"I probably pooped on myself."

"I wasn't expecting to see my name."


Tony saw his name come up at Tribal Council.

And he pooped himself.

Which, knowing Tony, and all the spazzing and twitching and jerking he has probably done over the years, may not have actually been the first time.

Oh.  Again.  I guess that's why they call it a deuce.

Okay, so here we go.  

Tony saw his name come up four times.

He nearly pooped his pants.

I always thought BM stood for Big Move!

And of course the editors insert Tony's quote about pooping his pants...

Over a shot of Tony in the middle of his rant...

Where he turns his back to the camera...

And he has a very suspicious stain on the back of his pants.

"I probably pooped on myself."

And if that isn't good, clean, sophisticated comedy, I don't know what is.

I'm the only one out here who's busting my ass

Bless you, Survivor editors.  

Bless you for everything you have done over the years.

Not the only time that Tony was running

P.S.  A direct quote, from later in the episode:

"Tony's unpredictable.  Tony likes big moves."

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