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#79. Steve's Log Rolling League
Redemption Island - episode 11

Unfortunately, I don't have a lot of Redemption Island entries on the Funny 115.  

There are many reasons for this, but the main one is, well... because...

Yeah.  That.  

But I will say that there is one character in Redemption Island who is really underrated, and who nearly always makes me laugh every time he opens his mouth.   And if you have gotten this far on the countdown, you can probably guess who he is.  

No, it's not Phillip.

Here's a hint:  Aside from Cochran, he is probably the single best Survivor player who ever once played tackle for the Oakland Raiders.

Yes, I can only be talking about the King of the Deadpan himself, Mister Steve Wright.

Here Steve explains his extreme love for ice cream

Steve doesn't open his mouth much during Redemption Island, but whenever he does, there is about a 50% chance that something deadpan and hilarious is going to come out of it.   And the best example of that is in this entry, which is my all-time favorite little Steve Wright quote.  It is also one of the rare times that Jeff Probst is actually caught off guard and laughs because of something somebody says during a challenge.

Jeff doesn't get caught off guard by the players all that often, so you have to appreciate it when it happens

Okay, so here we go.  This will just be a quick little entry.  But that's okay because it's just a short little quip.  

Steve isn't known for exactly elaborating all that much

It's episode eleven of Survivor: Redemption Island, and today the players will be competing in an immunity challenge.

"Today you guys will be competing in a log rolling contest."

The goal of this challenge is to stand on a rolling log in the water

And try to knock your opponent off, using only your feet


Last person standing wins immunity

Jeff goes on to say that the winner will also receive a pitcher of ice cold milk, and a big chocolate cake.

The reward

The Ometepes love the reward

Steve is positively giddy about winning this as well

And with that, the challenge begins.

"First matchup!  Grant against Boston Rob!"

"If Rob doesn't win the first time, we'll give him four tries."

But alas.  Grant wins the challenge, and he sends the franchise golden boy down into the water.

BOSTON ROB!!  NO!!!!!!

Then Ashley gets up, and she defeats Andrea

One of the girls beat one of the girls.  Whatever.

And then comes the Steve part.

Round three will feature Steve, the eldest member of Zapatera

Against a trained circus bear in a sweater

Steve walks up to take his position.  

And, as you do, Probst decides he would like to make a little small talk.

Let me ask Steve an inane question

And behold.  The magnificence of Deadpan Steve.

The guy is so quick.  He doesn't even miss a beat.  

"Hey Steve, you ever done anything like this?"

"Yeah I'm in a league."

"A league every Saturday."

Like I said, this is one of those rare little moments where a contestant completely catches Probst off guard.  And Probst has to stop and laugh.

That's it.  That's the whole entry.  I just thought it was a cute little moment that will help you appreciate Redemption Island (and Steve) a little better.

Oh, and then Steve loses in log rolling to the trained circus bear


whomp whomp

Until the next Steve entry, friends, stay woke

** thank you to thatguyonthetrain of /r/survivorcirclejerk fame for creating the FUBC picture at the top **

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