The Funny 115 - The Third One

The Intro

Hello!  And welcome to the third version of the Funny 115.  Or, as I like to call it, The Third One.

I don't have a whole lot to say in my intro to this one.  If you followed the first two versions of the Funny 115, you pretty much know what you're in for.  The only difference is that this time around, I'm specifically focusing on seasons 21 (Nicaragua) through 30 (Worlds Apart), which means you won't see a lot of the old recurring characters and jokes from the last two versions.  Oh, I'm sure you'll see some.  But don't expect me to beat you over the head with Coach stuff or Clay Jordan references.  This time I intend to beat you over the head with all new running gags that I'm sure I can quickly make you sick of.

The only thing I really want to say about this version of the Funny 115 is that it was a bit more challenging to put together than the past two versions.  Mainly because the show really isn't all that funny anymore.  Whereas you used to get tons of character based scenes or running joke storylines in every Survivor season, nowadays most of those scenes have been replaced with immunity idol hunts or endless scenes of the players standing around discussing how to split the vote.  Which, naturally, makes my job a lot more difficult.  Because a lot of my entries specifically depend on those character scenes.

But never fear.  Even though a lot of the character development has been removed from the show, the editors have tried to make up for it by inserting more and more "editor's jokes" into the episodes the past couple of years.  These are usually quick little insert shots or clever little dissolves or moments of irony that a lot of viewers (including me) don't even catch the first time they watch an episode.  And this is why I love to tell people that you need to go back and rewatch a Survivor season later to catch all the jokes that you missed.  The editors have been throwing TONS of them into the episodes the past couple of years.  And this is why I am specifically dedicating this version of the Funny 115 to the true geniuses behind Survivor, the editors.  Those guys do a ton of great work, they never get rewarded for it, and I am proud to be able to highlight some of their craft that they otherwise would never get credit for.  This countdown is for you guys, Survivor editors.

That's about it for me.  Hope you guys enjoy the countdown and that you aren't too annoyed by how slowly I write them.  Remember, in five years nobody is going to care that I only wrote an entry or two each week.  In five years, people are only going to care that I wrote it at all.  I just want to make sure I do it right and that I produce a countdown I am proud of.

As always, if you are having a bad day, I hope something on the Funny 115 made you laugh and made your day a little bit better.  That's why I write these things.

Enjoy The Third One.  :)

-Mario Lanza
Ontario, California
September 15, 2016

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