The Tale of Na Onka and Fabio

Chapter 17
Standing Up To the Bullies

And so here we go.  Na Onka's last big battle with Fabio.  

Which is actually a three person battle because she also takes on the nasty mean bully of the tribe, Marty.

It's Tribal Council in episode nine.  And here we go again.

Fabio opens the discussion by ripping a big juicy fart.


Then Na Onka counters by pointing out that Fabio and Marty are both evil, and God is likely to smite both of them.

Marty responds by saying that Na Onka is dead now.  And that no one at home even misses her at the moment.  And also, like Dan Foley, she is probably adopted.

Marty explains Na Onka's lengthy and sad adoption process

Fabio loves it

Na Onka replies by saying you can throw stones at me, both of you, but you both know that good will always win in the end.  She implores them to change their wicked ways and accept the path to righteousness.  Because to do otherwise will lead to nothing but pain and unhappiness.  And it will cast their souls into the void, and they don't want that.

It goes on like this for a while, with Fabio and Marty doing all the mean things, and Na Onka and Na Onka alone saying all the nice things.

And it culminates with Na Onka saying that she doesn't care for Marty at all.  She never has.

"I don't like him!  I just don't."

"His hair.  His walk.  SUCKS."

No u suck

She then continues with her rant, where she gives the two of them a little woop woop and little what what.

Woop woop

What what

And by the end of the conversation, it's clear that the bullies have both seen the error of their ways.

Na Onka, but what about...?

Fabio.  Wait a minute.  Shut up.

Then, just like Superman would do, she informs Fabio that he annoys the fuck out of her.

Oh, and then Nay's plan works to perfection, and Marty is voted out.  

Bye bully

That was for Jane

Why?  Well because Na Onka is just awesome and because bullies just suck.

No u suck

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