The Tale of Na Onka and Fabio

Chapter 4
The Point of Pissedtivity

Day five is when the first shots are fired.

Fabio openly brags that he doesn't take a shower every day

He also uses mechanical legs to beat orphan kittens to death

Na Onka hears this bullshit, and she responds by using her incredible social game.  

She starts going around.  

And she starts gathering her allies.

Oh Na Onka, you're so wonderful

Oh Na Onka, you are a delight

Thank you Na Onka, you certainly make good points about virtue and wisdom and God and nobility

Purple Kelly (off camera) is also in

And with that, Na Onka now has her army.  She is ready to make a move against the mechanical leg.  

And also against the devil in human form that we know as Fabio.

Here she explains that good will always win in the end because good is correct


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