The Tale of Na Onka and Fabio

Chapter 5

On day five of Nicaragua, Na Onka makes her first move.

Is it a BIG move?

What?  No!  Shut the fuck up!  And get out of my entry!


It's day five, and Na Onka realizes that one of her socks is missing.

Which, of course, with Fabio and the leg around, can only mean one thing.

Clearly Fabio stole it so that he and the mechanical leg could perform autoerotic asphyxiation games on each other.


And with that, Na Onka decides it is time to retaliate.


She walks right past Fabio, and she takes one of his socks out of his stash.  

Why?  Well b
ecause that's how the forces of goodness roll, my friend.

Just like it says in the Bible.  

It's an eye for an eye, you blonde muppet-haired stoner motherfucker.

She puts on one of Fabio's socks as a replacement


And oh boy.  

With that, it's now time for the showdown to escalate.

Fabio's minions tip him off that Na Angel is now wearing his socks

And there she is, walking around on her two non-artificial legs, just showing them off.

Look what my legs can do, Judddddd.  I think I'll just walk around on 'em.  I think I'll jump over a hole.

Fabio sees this, and he goes on a long tirade about how she shouldn't have done that.  Because his rage is like a furnace.  And you don't want to turn on the furnace if you don't want to be burned beyond all recognition, to the point that only your mother will be able to identify you via bone fragments and dental records.  He rages that heaven and earth will offer her no protection from the forces of darkness that are about to come crashing down upon her, and that she better be ready for it.

Like two gunslingers in the old west, he walks over to confront his enemy in the center of town.

And they finally square off just underneath the old clock tower.

They draw their guns

Look at that, kids.  It's high noon.

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