The Tale of Na Onka and Fabio

Chapter 6
The Gunfight

Fabio opens the exchange by pointing out that Na Onka just made a huge mistake.  

And that she's about to get the horns because she's messing with a big mean blonde slightly inebriated stoner bull.  

He also gives an impassioned defense of Harvey Weinstein

Na Onka responds by pointing out the fallacy of evil in the game of Survivor.  You can't be evil because only good can make the inroads necessary to have an appropriate social game.  So through his actions, and his actions alone, Fabio seeks to negate the very structure of Mark Burnett's one time legitimate social experiment.  She also points out that Harvey Weinstein was wrong, and by defending him, Fabio is simply emboldening the patriarchy.  And it isn't helping his case.

Fabio continues to bully and harangue her, but Na Onka isn't giving in.  Because when you know you're the good guy, sometimes that's just what you do.  You stand up for what's right.

And also Fabio, fuck you

The argument continues for what seems like hours.  Nobody else on La Flor knows what to say.  

True to his character, at one point Fabio even looks up to see if he has set up a booby trap he can send crashing down onto her head.  Ala when Kevin does with the tool chest at the end of Home Alone 2.

Na Onka sees him do this, and she is horrified.  Why, this guy doesn't just dislike her.  It turns out this fool wants to outright murder her.


In the end, Na Onka wins the debate, and both sides agree to disagree for a while.


Although Na Onka has clearly won the showdown in the eyes of La Flor.  Because at the end of the day, she yelled at him.  And she made the big mean scary villain cry.

It's a small victory.  But sometimes when good squares off against evil, it's those little symbolic victories that eventually add up.

Afterwards, Fabio retreats to the side to tend to his wounds.  Where Chase refuses to go along with his new plan to hit Na Onka in the back with a folding chair and then give her a DDT.

Meanwhile, Nay goes off to reflect on this great country and all those who have died for it

And as we finish the first big showdown between lightness and dark, Na Onka sits down for a confessional.  

Where she swears that, before the end of the game, she is going to win this battle.  And she is going to take that fool out.

Na Onka?

"Everybody thinks that his jokes is funny.  We're laughin'.  Hehe."

"I'm laughin' cause I'm about to vote you off."

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