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#48.  Boo makes a path
Fiji - episode 13

Okay, now this one is great.  

This is just a quick and dirty little scene from episode 13 of Survivor: Fiji, but again, if you are into irony as much as I am, I am sure you will appreciate it.  For me, this entry ranks right up there alongside Courtney's Rock Garden Tribute and Analytical Dan as the best moments* of unintentional irony on the countdown.

* non-Coach moments, of course.  Coach has about a hundred moments like this.

It is episode thirteen of Fiji, and construction worker Boo has come up with a brilliant idea

It is something that nobody on Survivor has ever come up with before

Instead of hanging around back at camp like everyone else is doing, he is going to do something proactive today

Something that will greatly affect his ability to control his fate in the game

Care to explain it to us, Boo?

"I'm making a back path to, uh, the water well."

The water well

Pretty brilliant, huh?  

Not to mention pretty sneaky and fun?

"It's sneaky and fun."

Uh, thanks.

"I can't wait to try it out."


So Boo spends most of the morning creating his path

He works long hours out in the fields, making sure that no one will ever be able to talk shit about him again

And then, finally, he has created the perfect hiding place

And so there you have it.

Boo Bernis, the scholar of scholars, the smartest person aside from Heidi to ever play Survivor, has created his path.  

He has outwitted the system.  He has outplayed the other players.  He has defeated the game.  

Never again will the other players in Fiji be able to talk about blindsiding him.

The smile of victory

Oh yeah.  About that...

Well what do you think the other players are talking about back at camp?  

You know, while Boo is spending all day by himself, creating his anti-blindside path?  

What do you think the other players are talking about now that he has left them alone for the day?

"We need to blindside Boo."


So anyway...

Um, yeah.

At this point I believe the *smuff* is pretty much implied.

Bye Boo


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