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#8.  DAYUM!
China - episode 1

In the history of Survivor, I don't think there has ever been a better first boot legacy than that of Steve "Chicken" Morris.


Let's take a look at the legacy of Chicken in China, shall we?

Its legacy is that it is tender and delicious

So here we go.

The epic tale of Chicken.

Or, as I like to call him, best first boot ever.


Episode 1- Chicken is quiet and pensive

Chicken is quiet and pensive

Chicken is quiet and pensive

Chicken is quiet and pensive

Chicken remains quiet and pensive

Chicken remains quiet and pensive

Chicken remains quiet and pensive

Chicken remains quiet and pensive

Fuck it.  From this point on, let's just assume that Chicken will always be quiet and pensive.

Ooh, but wait a minute.  Now we come to the exciting part.

Fei Long!  Wins immunity!

"Zhan Hu, I'm sorry.  You've got a date with me at Tribal Council."

"Hey guys, maybe we should vote out Chicken."

Chicken watches Tribal Council.  Yes, you got it, quietly and pensively.

Uh oh.  That's one vote for the Poultrinator.

That's two.

That's three.

"The first person voted out of Survivor China..."


And now we come to the moment that Chicken Morris will forever be remembered for.


Or if you prefer it in gif form...

Now I don't have a whole lot more to say about the famous Chicken scene.  For obvious reasons, this is going to be one of the shortest entries on the countdown.  I mean, seriously, the guy sat there and he screamed a minor curse word as loud as he could.  That was it.  What else can you say about it?

But I would like to point out three things that make this entry a lot funnier than you would think.


1.  Everyone remembers the fact that Chicken screamed "DAYUM!" after he got voted out of the game.  But the thing that I think a lot of people forgot about this scene is the reaction of the two people sitting directly in front of him.  And to me, that is the single funniest part of this entry.

Sherea nearly has a heart attack

Watch this scene in slo mo.  Watch how Ashley and Sherea nearly jump out of their seats.  

Every time I watch this clip, all I can do is laugh at Sherea's reaction when Chicken suddenly develops Tourette's Syndrome right behind her.

Tourette's kills 59,000 people per year

2.  You might not know this unless you watch the Ellen show, but Ellen Degeneres used this clip (Chicken's DAYUM!) for like a year after it happened on Survivor.  Every single time there was a lull on her show, or nothing was going on on stage, she would tell her producer to play the Chicken clip.  So it would just randomly pop on on the screen behind her, and then she would giggle uncontrollably.  

I have never seen a clip that made Ellen laugh more often than the Chicken clip.  It was her absolute favorite.

Now, you might not find this all that impressive.  I mean, a lot of people enjoyed the Chicken scene.  So what if it was Ellen?  What is the big deal about that?

Well what is amazing about Ellen using this as her go-to clip is the fact that Ellen Degeneres isn't really a Survivor fan.  I don't think I have heard her talk about Survivor or about any other Survivor player at any point over the past eight years.  And believe me, I know.  My wife DVRs the Ellen Show every day, I have seen almost all of them.

To have a non Survivor fan randomly come across this clip, and then start using it as her go-to comedy moment on a comedy TV show?  Well you know that that is when you have found a special TV moment.  This is one of those scenes that can even make a non Survivor fan laugh.  It is funny to anybody because it is just so sudden and so random.

3.  This one doesn't really relate to the clip itself, but more to the back story behind the clip.  Does anyone else find it funny that a guy named Chicken got voted off because he was scared to step up as the leader?  I mean, come on, have some confidence dude.  You're just a little Chicken.  Cheep cheep cheep.

And so there you have it.  The legacy of Chicken.  The legend of the DAYUM.

The only first boot in Survivor history that will never be forgotten.*


P.S.  There's a great parody of the Chicken scene over at Youtube.

* Unless you are one of those weirdos who builds shelters out of rocks.

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