The Funny 115 - version 2.0

The Afterword


A countdown like the Funny 115 might look like it is only a one person project (and lord knows it sure felt like it some nights).  But there is no way I could have pulled it off without the help of some special people.  

First off, I would like to thank Cindi Betts, Darryl Liguori, and Troy Maynard.  Cindi, Darryl, and Troy are the three people who provided me with copies of all the Survivor episodes from seasons 12-20 on DVD.  So if I ever needed a particular screencap, all I had to do was just pop in my DVD into my computer and grab the exact picture or the exact frame capture I was looking for.  As you can imagine, this ability was invaluable on a project like the Funny 115, where so much of the humor was based on the screencaps.  So a very special thanks for Cindi, Darryl, and Troy.  There is no way I could have pulled off this project without the three of you.

Another person I would like to thank is my friend Juhani from Survivor Sucks.  Juhani (who goes by the username Salarakas) was the guy who put together all the moving images (animated gifs) that are sprinkled throughout the Funny 115.  Did you like the gif of Jason Siska nodding and smiling over and over like a goober?  Or of Lisi falling flat on her face?  Did you like the montage of the Fall of the Four Horsemen and all the looks on everyone's faces?  Well Salarakas made all of those gifs for me.  All I had to do was send him a request saying what I was looking for and when I needed it by, and he would email me whatever animated gif I was looking for a few days before the entry was ready.  And believe me, some of those gifs were absolutely crucial to the success of the writeup.  So a big special thanks to Juhani for all the gifs, and for volunteering to be my gif guy before I had even started planning out the countdown.  Thanks again man, you were one in a million.  And you were right.  Animated gifs were the one thing that would have made the Version 1.0 countdown a lot better.

Some of Juhani's best work

Another group of people I would like to thank are my friends from the POS (Previously on Survivor...) group over on Facebook.  Not everyone out there is aware of POS, but if you are looking for a group of the wittiest, smartest, most smart alecky Survivor fans on the internet, now you know where to go. I can't tell you how many joke ideas I got for the Funny 115 simply from hanging around POS and bouncing one liners off of some of the funniest people I know.  In fact (shh don't tell anyone this) the Funny 115 probably would have been done about three months ago if I didn't always get distracted by some random bizarre discussion over in POS After Dark.  So anyway, thank you to the POS group for always inspiring me to write funnier material.  I can't name all of you because there are obviously so many of you, but in particular thank you to Big Mike Allbright, David Healy, Joe Coombs, Justin Lesniewski, Lana Halperin, Chuck Meibeyer, Karl Marquez, Zack Rovinsky, Denis Eyman, Logan Saunders, Jay Fischer, Kodi Ross, Adam Patterson, Jack Mourouzis, Shiun Eshidia, Shannon Jeffreys, Angie McNeil, Ryan Lisman, Carl Hagemann, and Kacie McCarthy.  And of course anyone I forgot.  Hell, I'll even thank Jim Early and Shannon Nobles too.  You know, for old time sake.

Thank you to my faithful readers who who have always offered me support and feedback and friendship throughout the years.  Obviously I can't name everyone here either, but a few names that stand out because they have always been there for me are George Hanns, Brett Bower, Matt Carter, Tomoe Tamauchi, Brian Michael Scully, Mark Polishuk, and Todd Gaines.

Thank you to Rob and Nicole Cesternino for having me on their podcast to publicize the Funny 115 back in February.  Thank you to John Norton, Paul Asleson, and the guys at The Tribe for having me on their podcast as well.  And thank you to all the Survivors (yes even you Randy) for being readers of the Funny 115 and for giving me such great testimonial quotes.  

Thank you to Survivor Sucks for being the funniest f'ing website in Survivor history, and for providing me with so much feedback and so many ideas for material throughout the years.  It might be trendy for people to crap on Sucks these days, and to say it is a shell of what it used to be.  But the Funny 115 would not exist if Survivor Sucks didn't exist first.  It is and always will be the #1 Survivor comedy site.  In the words of the immortal Chris Daugherty, "and that's a fact!"

Side note:  Want some examples of great Funny 115 ideas that people from Sucks have given me over the past year?  Well here are three good examples.

And finally, I will finish by thanking my ever-patient and my ever-supportive wife, Diana.  Yes, Diana, I am finally done with the Funny 115.  Yes, it is finally over.  And yes, now I will finally go out and rake the leaves in the front yard.  Um, yeah.  Sorry for the delay in that.  :)


Before I sign off for good, I should probably answer a question that many people over the past few weeks have been asking me.  A lot of people have been asking me, "Okay Mario, so now version 2.0 is done.  So when do you think you will start on version 3.0?  And what entries do you think you will write about on the third one?"

My answer to that is simple.  Jeez you jackals, give me a few years off!  I won't even be thinking about version 3.0 until the year 2016.

So anyway, there you go.  There's my answer.  If you want there to be a Version 3.0, ask me again in about three or four years.  I won't even be thinking about it until then.  Although if you want to continue reading my stuff in the meantime, might I suggest going over to my archives page and checking out my Experiences with Survivor essay?  A lot of people don't realize that I do a lot of writing about Survivor other than the Funny 115 (or that, a few years ago, I was at one point the most widely read Survivor writer in the entire world.)  When all is said and done, I expect that my Experiences essay will probably be the single best thing I have ever written.  It will probably wind up being better than the Funny 115.  So if you are looking for a Survivor fix between then and now, and you like my writing, go check out my Experiences essay.  If you want to know what it was like to be a Survivor writer back in the show's heyday, if you want to get all the dirt, you will get a kick out of it.  I am definitely planning to have a lot of insider gossip in there.

Or, alternately, if you are sick of my writing, check out my friend Justin Lesniewski's Survivor blog called The Midside.  You might not have heard about Justin yet, but he is easily the most in-depth and intelligent Survivor analyst out there right now.  He is so good at analyzing the themes of each Survivor season that it is frightening.  Stop by and say hi, and check out his stuff.  And tell him I sent you.


So I guess that's it.  I started the research for Version 2.0 back in May of 2010, and now, 19 months later, in December of 2011, it is finally over.  The project is complete.  I have milked my own milk.  I have nothing left to suck.

Before I sign off, let me leave you with two little pieces of advice.

First off, remember kids, you can be anything you want to be in life.  All your dreams can be realities.  So go out and learn to climb trees.  Learn to swim.  Learn to hold your breath.  Learn to catch fish.  Remember that anything can be accomplished in life once you learn how to skateboard.

Secondly, and finally, remember that if you donate to my Funny 115 web hosting costs, the Baby Jesus is going to smile on you.  I hate to always be pimping this out, since the Funny 115 is a free website and it always will be.  But this is one massive website.  It probably contains more than 15,000 pictures, more than 200 animated gifs, and when all is said and done there are probably about 10,000 individual pages of written text.  Basically what I am saying is that I got absolutely reamed by two different web hosts this summer because my bandwidth usage was too huge, and if there is any chance that this site will still exist on the internet in two years (when my domain expires) it will probably only be because of donations.  So if you would like to send me a dollar or two to help with the web hosting costs (the link is below), if enough people did that, it really would help.  Again, this is certainly not mandatory.  But again, it really would help.

Well I guess that's it.  Sayonara for now, and I'll catch you on the flip side.  Thank you for reading the countdown.  I hope you enjoyed it.

Hey, I just wrote the Funny 115.  What did you do?  Not that.  Peace.

-Mario Lanza  12/20/11

The Dragon Slayer and me.  Iron sharpens iron.

Chad Crittenden doing his homage to the Funny 115

Cochran (a Funny 115 fan) and me doing Dragon Slayer poses.  As I throw in an added bonus of Erinn smiling evilly.  I figure this was a perfect picture to end it on.

P.S. Coach and the Dancing Amandas say Merry Christmas!

P.P.S.  Okay, you twisted my arm. Stephen Fishbach and the Funny 115 All-Stars say Happy Hanukkah too.

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