The Funny 115 - The Third One

#113. Sometimes a Snake is just a Snake
San Juan Del Sur - episode 4

This is just going to be a quick little writeup because it is my favorite type of Funny 115 entry, the editor's joke.  

You know how I said in my intro that the editors are the stars of Survivor these days?  Well consider this to be Exhibit A.  

How many of you guys actually caught this?

It is episode four of San Juan Del Sur and this is the story of Hunahpu's Drew Christy

Or, as you might know him, The Ladies Man

Drew's tribe just won that morning's duel, when Jon beat his girlfriend Jaclyn in the ever popular game of "Flip shit up into the air and into other stuff."

Jon wins the duel!

Jaclyn is going to immunity Exile Island!

The twist in San Juan Del Sur is that two people are required to go to Exile Island.   Jaclyn has to go, and then somebody from Jon's tribe has to go there along with her.

Jeff explains this via a Shakespearean monologue

So who from Jon's tribe is going to accompany Miss Michigan on her trek out into the great outdoors?

Which great white knight is going to be known for his sense of chivalry?

You guessed it

The Ladies Man

Okay Jon, so you want the Ladies Man to go out there alone with your girlfriend?

This is so coming up later in therapy

So Drew volunteers to accompany Jaclyn to Exile Island.  Although Jon has one last bit of advice for his beloved future wife.

Bye guys

Please don't bang my girlfriend

Okay, so we get to Exile Island, and this is where the great editor's joke come in.  

This is one of those quick little gags that if you blink, you might miss it.

The intrepid travellers arrive on hashtag Exile Island

And Drew quickly realizes that Jaclyn is really really hot

He tells us, you know, it's kind of nice being stranded out here with a pretty Miss Michigan.

Oh yeah

Ohhh yeah

Ohhhhhhhh yeah

And the editors throw in a shot of a very phallic-looking snake that looks exactly like an erection.

Drew rising to attention

If you never noticed it before, there.  Now I just gave you something new to appreciate about San Juan Del Sur.  :)

P.S.  You'd think that there would only be one instance of The Ladies Man (tm) being caught blatantly checking out a girl's ass in San Juan Del Sur, right?  I mean, there's no way they caught him doing it twice in just four episodes.

Well you're wrong, okay?  So shut up.

Ha ha.  Well here you go.  Here is the great Drew Christy ass-staring encore.  Again, this one is super quick, so you have to be watching for it.

It's the fourth Tribal Council, and Julie is standing up to go cast her vote

Drew is staring off into the nether world, perhaps thinking of philosophy.  Or poetry.  Or third world global economics.

When... what's that?  Is that Julie's ass???

Drew Christy, ladies and gentlemen.  The Ladies Man.

Here it is slowed down so you can see Drew being distracted by Julie's butt

P.P.S.  Don't worry, we'll have a lot more of Drew later.  This one is just the warmup.

** Special thanks to Will Holston for creating the Trish/Brad Culpepper picture at the top of the page **

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