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#26. The Most Excellent Sugar Rush
Philippines - Episode 13

This entry is fun because it manages to stretch over two different seasons. Which were over eleven years apart.

And because I'm a Survivor Historian, you know I'm always a sucker for fun little crossover moments like that.

One good example

And a second good example

So anyway, let's go back to the spring of 2001.

Let's say there was a guy on Survivor a long time ago with the name of...

... well, his name's not important.

For now, let's just refer to this guy as "Bob Johnson."

Miss Johnson, if you're nasty

So there was this guy Bob Johnson. And he was kind of a spaz. He did lots of spazzy things. He said lots of spazzy quotes.

Overall, he was just kind of a nutcase.


I'm not going to sit here and give you an entire Bob Johnson character entry. I already did that on the first version of the Funny 115.

What I AM going to do, however, is highlight one of the greatest Bob Johnson quotes of them all. One that is sadly not remembered all that well in Survivor history. Which is a shame, because it's incredible.

The Bob Johnson quote I want to highlight is this one, from episode 2 of Survivor: The Australian Outback.

It's just before dawn, and for some inexplicable reason Bob starts cooking a pot of rice

The rest of the Kuchas see him cooking up some rice. And this bothers them.

"Why is he cooking a pot of rice when nobody asked him to?"

The level of deception here bothers Jeff Varner. Why mess with our rice?

Even Rodger looks up. The fuck is Bob doing with the rice?

Shhhhh, Bob tells them. I'm making rice for you.

Bob starts a pot of rice. And then he heads off to go fishing.

And meanwhile the Kuchas are still wondering who even decided he should be allowed to do that.

"He just put the rice on and he left!"

Jeff and Rodger aren't the only ones who are bothered by this. Even Alicia Calaway weighs in.

"No one was even hungry, that was not cool."

"And that's just another example of Bob only thinking about Bob."

So anyway, Bob cooks the rice too long, and it all turns into soft, mushy crap.

No one is happy about it.

We are not happy about it

And then comes the quote that I feel more people should remember.

Where Bob sits down in his canoe, and he gives a paddling confessional.

"I think people are starting to get a little bit edgy about food."

"They don't realize how bad it's gonna get."

"I am a STUDENT of nutrition."

"And I know what this is doing to my body."

"But these other people have no idea."

So anyway, there's that. The infamous "I am a student of nutrition" confessional. One of the many amazing lines that came out of the mouth of Bob Johnson.

Is also a student of spears

Now, I bring up the "Student of Nutrition" line for two reasons.

The first one is... have you ever listened to the DVD commentary for Survivor: The Australian Outback? Yeah, I know. Nobody owns any physical media anymore. But if you DO still use physical media, you should totally get your hands on the DVD of Australian Outback. Just so you can listen to one of the greatest Survivor roast sessions of them all. That pretty much starts exactly like this.

Bob starts cooking a forbidden pot of rice

Jeff then complains about Bob and the rice

Rodger Bingham: Food is a group decision. This was a bad idea.
Amber Brkich: You don't wanna mess with food. Ever. You need to be very careful with the tribe's food.
Keith Famie: Cooking was tough on Ogakor because everyone wanted rice a different way.
Rodger Bingham: Boy, Jeff complained a lot.
Keith Famie: He really did
Rodger Bingham: It really bothered me sometimes.

And then comes the fun part.

[Bob Johnson announces that he is a student of nutrition]
Tina Wesson: *snickers*
Rodger Bingham: Did it bother you guys when Jeff complained all the time?
[everyone talks about Jeff being annoying for a while]


I know, I know, I'm exaggerating. Tina doesn't actually swear. She has gone on record saying that she never swears. Even though of course her daughter has debunked this in an AMA:

Tina doesn't actually swear during the Australian Outback commentary. But man oh man does she have fun roasting poor Bob Johnson. Seriously, if you happen to own the DVD, go listen to the commentaries involving Tina. She only appears in two of them, but she mentions that Bob is a "student of nutrition" at least five different times. Just because she wants to point out how stupid it is. And because Tina is as vicious as a pitbull when she wants to make fun of you.

Is a student of the smackdown

So that's the first reason that "student of nutrition" line has always been so awesome. Just because Tina fixates on it so hard during the Australia DVD commentary. She simply never lets up.

Staying out of the fire and singing Fiona Apple are hard

And now we come to the SECOND reason that "student of nutrition" line has always been so awesome.

It's because it rears its head again twenty-three seasons later! It becomes relevant again during Survivor: Philippines!

You see, Bob's back

Okay, so we're now twelve years later. We're now in the thirteenth episode of Survivor: Philippines.

Bob Johnson is back playing Survivor again, for a second time.

And this time around, he's doing very well for himself.

He's in a final four alliance

He's pretty much dominating the game

He hasn't set himself on fire yet

All things considered, he's doing FANTASTIC at Survivor the second time around.

And that leads us into the awesome reward he takes part in in episode thirteen.

It's episode thirteen now, and today the Dangraynes are competing for reward

"Wanna know what you're playing for?"


"You'll be picked up in a helicopter."

"Then you'll land, and board a boat."

A BOAT! *squee*

"Where we have pizza and soft drinks waiting for you."

"You'll also get to do some whale shark watching."

"The winner can choose two people to join them on this reward."

"With the only rule being you can't pick Rodney."

So anyway, that's the challenge.

They're competing to do shit on a boat.

As usual, Bob pretty much dominates the challenge

He is a student of ring toss

"Bob Johnson wins reward!!"

So Bob wins. And like a great pyramid scheme, he quickly recruits two friends to come with him.

I'll take Malcolm and Blair from The Facts of Life

Yay! This is even better than the three times I won Harvest Queen!

And with that, the three reward winners are off.

No Bob, we can't go to Disneyland.

Okay, so here comes the fun part.

So they're on a boat...

...motherfucker, don't you ever forget

And this is where Bob being "a student of nutrition" finally comes back as part of his storyline.

Because it turns out there are things like cookies on the reward trip

And sodas

There are lots of sweets on the boat. And everyone loves them.

Oh my God, it's sooooo goooooood

And... um... apparently this is a problem for our old friend Bob.

Cookie? What is this thing called cookie?

See, you might not have heard this before. But apparently Bob Johnson is a student of nutrition. He claims to know all there is to know about human nutrition.

Bob is not only a PhD in nutrition, we also find out during this scene that (presumably because of his nutrition mastery) he has not consumed sugar in OVER THIRTY YEARS.

Which becomes kind of a problem when he starts to hit the drinks a little hard.

I believe I'll try me one of them sodie pops

Mmm, these things is tasty

So Bob starts drinking.

And drinking.

And drinking.

And pretty soon he's...


Have you ever seen the TV show Arrested Development?

You know how terrible Buster gets when he drinks juice?


Let's just say Bob gets exactly like that.

He gets fucked up

Yes, Bob Johnson is such a huge student of nutrition, that the minute he gets a couple of sodas into him, he gets punch drunk.

Bob, would you like another soda perhaps?

Bob, would you please stop playing with the pizza?

We even get this poignant little moment, where Bob drops a little regional lingo from his home state of [redacted].

"I'm drinking pop."

"Haven't had pop in thirty years."

"I've been alive for twenty four years."

"Never once said the words I'm drinking pop."

So Bob's sitting there, and he's completely fucked up on soda pop.

To the extent that he starts feeding Blair a cookie off of one of their snorkeling fins

Heh heh heh

He's having the most excellent sugar rush since Genghis Khan did when he had his first Twinkie.

Was also a student of nutrition

He even climbs up on a mast and he starts drunk-scouting for land.

Malcolm looks on in amazement

"I'm lookin' for shadows the size of my stomach."

Bob's having a blast being sugar drunk for the first time in his life. He's like a kid grownup in a candy grownup store.

And this is where we get this awesome confessional from Malcolm.

"Bob Johnson doesn't eat sugar in real life."

"And he overate on sugar."

"And he acted like a drunk chick at a bar."

"He's laughin' and rollin' around in his seat."

"He's tryin' on clothes."

"All of a sudden, Bob Johnson's fun to be around."

"Who knew he had that side of him?"

So Bob hangs out on deck, and he's loopy for a while.

This party is off the hook!

At this point he's eaten more sugar than J.T.

He's so drunk he even makes a final three deal with the guy who would decimate everyone in a jury vote.


He even explains what happened to him later in a confessional.

"I haven't had soda in thirty years."

"And I had three or four of them, I don't even remember."

"But, you know, they're GOOD!"

And then, juuuuuuust before they have to call in Dr. Phil for the intervention, that's when part two of the reward trip happens.

Now they get to go swim with a whale shark

That's right. It's time for Malcolm and Blair to go into the water with the world's biggest fish.

And also a drunk Bob Johnson

So the three of them gear up.

No matter what happens, don't goof around next to the shark

And they jump in.

Wow, that thing's as big as eight hundred Denises

And wild guess...

Guess which one of them goofs off too much and gets head-butted by a whale shark?


That's right. Enjoy the first player in Survivor history to be head-butted by a shark.

It's a drunk Bob Johnson

Hey guys, look at me!

Look at me, I'm Abi! I have two hundred fake idols!

Look at me, I'm Carter! Duhhhhhh.

... what the fuck?

It was later determined the shark was NOT in the attack zone

Hey shark, knock it off!

Now, unfortunately for us, we don't see the whole extent of the head butting. We just hear Malcolm telling us about it after it happened.

"A whale shark head butted Bob Johnson."

"Funniest thing I've seen in my life."

"And my mind's become so calculating after a month and half of this game I'm thinking..."

"Oh great! One less competitor."

But the producers DO put a graphic on the screen telling us they'll handle this.

As always, we can trust the Survivor producers when they tell us they take care of this stuff.

So anyway, those were the adventures on a boat of a very drunk Bob Johnson.

A student of showboating

"You guys didn't warn me there were fish in the ocean!"

*laughs in Shambo*

"You were down there showboatin'! What was I supposed to do?"

Afterwards, Bob goes back to camp.

And he gets attacked by the fire.

In Soviet Russia, fire falls into YOU

And he loses immunity.

Unfortunately, it's a sobriety test

But luckily for him, it's a happy day at the end because they all band together and they vote out Abi.

Still room for growth

So Abi goes home. And The Student of Nutrition lives to fight another day.

Is not gonna remember this episode tomorrow

And that's reason number four why Bob Johnson is never invited to a little kid's birthday party.

P.S. I have to point out that the very last shot of this episode...

Is Bob dancing into the night because he's still hopped up on juice

Thank you to Aaron Flea Sperling for the Mark the Chicken FUBC picture!

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