The Funny 115 - The Third One

#55.  The Tale of Na Onka and Fabio
Nicaragua - all season long

When we last heard from Na Onka, she was saving the world from the horrors of an evil, power hungry, infamous mechanical leg.


But, as heroic as that storyline was, people forget that the leg WASN'T the only villain that our hero took on during Survivor: Nicaragua.  

Like Gamera, Na Onka is the friend to all children

No, there was another villain she squared off against earlier (and later) in the season who was a lot more powerful.

In this entry, we look past Na Onka's fight with the leg.  

And we focus on her other struggle.  

The one that took place against an even MORE nefarious villain.

This one chronicles her takedown of the dread villain Fabio

Enjoy the ride, my friends.

The Tale of Na Onka and Fabio
aka How Good Took Down Evil

Broken down for your reading pleasure into twenty chapters

Chapter 1 - The Intro
Chapter 2 - Arrival
Chapter 3 - Gatekeeper Meets Keymaster
Chapter 4 - The Point of Pissedtivity
Chapter 5 - Sockgate
Chapter 6 - The Gunfight
Chapter 7 - Here There Be Obstacles
Chapter 8 - Fabio, I Don't Like You
Chapter 9 - Suffer the Bananas
Chapter 10 - The Calm Before the Storm
Chapter 11 - The Twist
Chapter 12 - Just Staying Alive
Chapter 13 - Showdown in the Piss Water
Chapter 14 - I Am Gonna Kill Bill
Chapter 15 - It's Never a Bad Time for Nutrition
Chapter 16 - I Must Protect the Downtrodden
Chapter 17 - Standing Up To the Bullies
Chapter 18 - Teaming Up With the Enemy
Chapter 19 - Fun Times With Jack Black
Chapter 20 - Good Will Always Triumph Because Evil is Dumb


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